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Sunshine State Speech Therapy offers multiple services to help improve your child's communication.
We believe in creating situations that provide opportunities for communication success.

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Speech and Language Screenings & Evaluations

  • Screenings are a quick way to measure your child’s strengths and weaknesses through informal measures.

  • Evaluations are a formal, comprehensive approach that provides in-depth information using standardized assessment tools in order to obtain data that can be compared to same-age peers. 

In Home Speech & Language Therapy

  • Individualized treatment of speech and language disorders.​


  • Sessions take place in the home, private school or daycare. This promotes quick generalization of new skills.

Child In Speech Therapy
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Virtual Therapy

Remote speech therapy (aka telepractice) eliminates transportation concerns and allows your child to receive speech therapy from the comfort of your home. It improves attendance, allows for straightforward generalization of goals into everyday life, and saves time. Telepractice for speech therapy has been proven to be just as effective as in person treatmen.

My Little & Me Classes

In this Mommy and Me class for language development, learn easy and fun ways to grow your child’s speech and language skills!  Learn ways to encourage language through everyday interactions and play.
This class is ideally for 1-3 years olds, but great for kids of all ages! This class is led by a Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist who specializes in working with toddlers with language delays.

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Family Advocacy

We understand how confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating getting services in the public-school system can be. But we also understand the positive impact those services can have on a child’s academic success. 
Our speech-language pathologists are available to attend Individualized Education Plan (IEP), Child Study, Service Plan, and Eligibility / Reevaluation meetings to help you navigate the never-ending acronyms, legalese, and hoops you have to jump through. We also will read through plans (IEP and Service) and meeting minutes before you sign to make sure that the labels, services and goals best match your child’s needs and full academic potential. You are the most important member on your child’s special education team. Let us help your voice be heard.

Social Skills

Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder is an impairment in understanding and/or use of pragmatic aspects of language. The term “pragmatics” refers to the way we socially use language .
Social Thinking® is a program developed to help children who struggle with social language skills increase their social competency across settings such as turn taking, staying on topic, understanding sarcasm, etc.

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