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"My daughter just loves Kate. She really looks forward to her speech sessions with her every week. She has been seeing her for over two years and we are amazed with the progress she has made. We have been homeschooling our children since the beginning of Covid-19 and Ms. Kate has provided an individual treatment plan for our daughter that is  engaging and exciting. Virtual speech has helped us out tremendously this past year and a half. We love the flexibility and consistency that it allows for. We are so grateful to Ms. Kate and her expertise. We highly recommend her if you are looking for a truly great speech therapist"

Crystal Perez

"Ms. Kate has worked with my son for 3+ years and my daughter 2+ years. The amount of progress my children have made with her over this time is incredible! My son started with very few words and was missing many sounds. He is now able to hold full conversations and is mostly intelligible. Ms. Kate has helped my daughter to improve her speech as well. Her progress has been remarkable. Helping children learn to communicate is one of the greatest gifts one can give. She has changed our household dynamic tremendously. Ms. Kate is the most patient, kind, and knowledgeable slp. She makes speech lessons engaging and fun. She is able to meet the kids where they are and challenge them without frustrating them. My kids look forward to their weekly sessions and I am so proud of how far they have come!"

Nicole McDermott

“My son has been seeing Ms. Kate for about a year and we cannot say enough wonderful things about her! We are immensely pleased with his progress — we can see a real difference in his speech, and he is more confident when speaking to adults. Ms. Kate has successfully engaged my son through games and entertaining worksheets each week, and she is also sure to provide me with “homework” after each session so that not only can I help, but I also feel involved in his development. Best of all, he loves speech each week!”

Sarah and Matthew Robertson

"I am so grateful to this practice for the tremendous help they provided to my 6-year-old son. Owner Kate Coyne is gracious and helpful. My son looks forward to spending time with his therapist, as she makes learning fun by incorporating play into their time together. In the few instances where I required a reschedule she was extremely flexible. Most importantly, I have had the great pleasure of witnessing my son enjoy the success of his efforts as he continuously improves and meets his speech therapy goals. We are so happy that we found Ms. Kate!"

The Feldman Family

Ms. Kate has been an absolute blessing to our family, she has worked with my son for over a year on articulation. She always goes above and beyond to create engaging and exciting lessons. My son has unique interests, such as yo-yos and Beyblades, and Ms. Kate creates activities centered around these topics, and more! Most of the time my son doesn't even realize he's "working". She keeps him engaged in activities, games, lessons where he is learning fun and interesting facts, as well as crafts and projects. All while practicing his speech sounds. He finishes every session with a smile on his face and looking forward to his next speech appointment. My husband and I have seen so much progress not only in his speech, but also in his confidence and social skills as well.

Ashley Ellis

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